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Ordering custom furniture from us is easy! Simply give us a call (6187-3637 or 2265-9353) or send us a message using the form at the bottom of this page. Tell us about your project and we’ll let you know what we need in order to come up with a quote.

Yes, you totally can! However, you will need to place an order for it to be made. We don’t have a physical showroom or a backstock of furniture. Therefore, we make each piece to order.

It all depends on the size and complexity of your order. For example, most medium-sized projects like a bed or a dining table are ready to deliver within two weeks after we begin the project.

For sure! We’ll create a 3D rendering so you can see how your project will look in real-life measurements.

We sure do! The cost of delivery depends on the size of the project and whether or not we need to come install it. Go ahead and send us a message including your location and any details you can provide about your project (pictures are great!) and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

What Our Customers Have to Say

About Us

Custom Furniture Costa Rica is our little family business. We started in 2016 with little more than a pile of tools and a few Facebook posts. In the beginning, the work came in slowly, giving us time to learn and grow. The experience we gained made us pickier about the materials we work with; the chemicals we use for wood finishes, and the types of projects we take on.

Fun fact about us: we are both self-taught (something we take very seriously). Andres studied woodworking and how to become a maker while also teaching himself how to use the professional design software, Sketchup. Mimi became obsessed with interior design while working in real estate marketing. The obsession inspired her to seek out self-led courses like this one from MIT.

Custom Furniture Costa Rica does not have a defined style. That’s the nature of our business model — we make everything to order. Our clients’ personal style is always a factor (the most important factor). Fortunately, we’ve attracted some very stylish clients! They’ve helped us curate an eclectic portfolio full of modern industrial pieces and other current trends. However you describe our work, it’s always a reflection of clients like you who think outside the mueblería.

Mimi Mudd

Mimi Mudd

Sales and project management

Originally from Louisville, KY, Mimi has lived in Costa Rica for over a decade. She is the one to call when you’re ready to remodel or redecorate a room, especially when you need some help deciding what you want!

Andres Zamora

Andres Zamora

Design and Construction

Andres is a passionate craftsman with more than 20 years experience in home remodeling, construction, and furniture making. His favorite projects are ones that show off the beauty of natural elements.

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