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This is where the magic happens. We don’t have a physical showroom — every project is made-to-order right here in our taller. Our portfolio includes over 200 projects, big and small, each custom made by craftsmen in Costa Rica.

In the workshop

Past Projects and Custom Designs

Check out the video portfolio below for a look at several of our past projects and custom designs. In the video you’ll find several creative options for bathroom decor, kitchen countertops, tables, children’s beds, and more.

In the beginning of the video is an example of a large studio we remodeled with an open layout. The project included floating wood floors, a custom reception counter with glass display case, and removing some old office division walls to create an open studio space.

Need more closet and drawer space? The video also includes a tour of a custom bedroom with drawers for storage in the bed and spacious closets in place of night stands. There is even a little lighted nook on each side of the headboard for reading. Blackout shades for the windows and a matching dresser complete the look.

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“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

Custom Furniture Costa Rica is a family owned furniture, remodeling and small-scale construction business. We are located in Heredia, Costa Rica but we do not have a physical showroom or warehouse. Every order is custom built, by hand, to our client’s specifications. 

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