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Space + Comfort = Productivity

Working where you live can be a pain in the neck, literally. Creating a comfortable place to work within your home is essential to productivity.

Desk space; organizational space; outlets and lighting are just a few of the factors that can make or break your workday.

We can put an outlet or a light anywhere you need and we’re experts in making creative use of the space you have. 

Whether you’ve been working from home for years or just started today, don’t you think it’s time you worked comfortably?

Contact us now to ask about a custom office design for your home. 

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Functional Furniture for Day and Night

No space for an office? No problem! You can have an office in your bedroom within the same footprint as your bed.

Our Murphy Beds save the most space for professionals and students who work or study at home. 

Murphy bed add-ons like a Desk and a Magic Closet make it super easy to convert your bedroom into the perfect workspace. Simply lift up your bed and start your day!

Note: We take every precaution including masks, gloves, and alcohol sanitizer when entering your home to measure or install furniture.
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Custom Furniture Costa Rica is a family owned furniture, remodeling and small-scale construction business. We are located in Heredia, Costa Rica but we do not have a physical showroom or warehouse. Every order is custom built, by hand, to our client’s specifications. 

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