Live Edge Wood Sofa Table With Iron Hourglass Legs

All live-edge wood pieces are unique. This peace features a long, nearly straight live edge with three finished edges. The height and length were specifically chosen to go behind a sofa or for a large entryway. It features natural wood with no stain and a gloss varnish. The legs are made of hollow iron bar, […]

Train Rail Style Dining Table in Teak

This heavy dining table will look beautiful indoors and since it is made of teak it can also be used outdoors. Teak is a tropical hardwood that will last for years under the rain and sun. The legs of this table are designed to lock into place with the support without the use of screws, […]

Kids Table and Chairs (Square Back)

A practical, functional and durable table and chairs for early childhood. This model features an all-natural finish with mineral oil. Additional finishes such as colored stains are also available.

Kids Table and Chairs (Round Back)

Little kids can accomplish big things with a work table their own size. These rounded-back chairs feature a sturdy design and handles. This model features an all-natural finish with mineral oil. Various colored stains and alternative finishes available on request.