Asian Inspired Platform Queen Bed

Designed sit a 30cm from the ground, this Asain inspired bed is a compact version of the low platform beds made popular in Japan. It features a deep headboard with space on top to hold a cell phone, and sleek corners that link together fluidly.

Queen Platform Bed with Modular Headboard Shelves

The custom design for this Queen Platform Bed was inspired by the modern contemporary design of our client’s apartment. The headboard extends out on either side of the bed to accommodate fixed nightstand tables. It also features two modular shelves that hook over the top of the headboard and can be moved anywhere they are […]

Baby Changing Table in Brazilian Laurel

The Early American stain really brings out the wood grain in the Brazilian Laurel. Of all the woods we work with the Brazilian Laurel has the most beautiful grain. This baby changing table is designed to hit mom right at elbow height to make changing diapers a more comfortable task.  

Simple Toddler Bed

Simple, beautiful, and functional — this bed is ideal for a Montessori bedroom. This model features an all-natural finish with mineral oil.