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Welcome, summer!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a stand-alone gas fire pit on your patio?

How about a set of comfortable and durable patio chairs that look just as lovely outside as they do inside?

Need more shade? How about a custom pergola

We work with the best furniture finishes and outdoor fabrics to create comfortable outdoor furniture that lasts.

Iron and Wood

Iron bar and plywood make this one of the most sturdy and long-lasting furniture styles on the market.

Light and airy triangles give this juego de patio delicate feel. However, it’s all an illusion!

Unlike many other outdoor chairs that are only made to last for a single season, these seats are for life!

Additionally, they’ll easily support the size and weight of big and tall guests thanks to three points of support on all four corners.

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simple adirondack chair

Custom Furniture Costa Rica is a family owned furniture, remodeling and small-scale construction business. We are located in Heredia, Costa Rica but we do not have a physical showroom or warehouse. Every order is custom built, by hand, to our client’s specifications. 

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