2018 Furniture Trends

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Custom furniture made to order in Costa Rica.

Trends of 2018

Most pieces of furniture compliment a home for decades before falling out of fashion. Still, every year a slew of new furniture trends arrives. Colors, shapes, and even unique new functions pick up in popularity. At Custom Furniture Costa Rica we have a unique perspective on the furniture trends of the year. Instead of producing many units of a single style, our custom business model has us building a wide range of trendy pieces, each unique and made-to-order. 

The votes are in; your opinion was noted, and here are the results

Here is a look at 2018 furniture trends in Costa Rica. This list is limited to projects we’ve made (all pieces are our own work) and is based on projects that got the most likes on Facebook and Instagram.

Hairpin Legs

Side Table with Hairpin Legs
live edge coffee table with hairpin legs

Hairpin legs give a light, floaty feeling to wood tables and desks that are free-standing. This is a style that works great for nightstands, side tables, coffee tables, and even office desks. 

Indoor Barn Doors

Rustic elegance hit its peak in 2018 with indoor barn doors. They are also an example of a new function trend as people find creative ways put a door in small spaces. 

The truth about indoor barn doors is they are about the same price to make and install as a regular hinged door. The project on the right features a custom distressed paint job to compliment the blues in the room.

Upholstered Headboards

King size bed with upholstered headboard in linen and brass tacks

The plush look of an upholstered headboard makes your bed all the more inviting. This simple design features brass tacks all the way around the border of beige linen. 

Illusion Space Savers

You wouldn’t believe it by the look of this “dresser,” but it is only 6-inches deep! This design stands against the wall on its two front legs with a wall anchor in the back. Instead of pulling out, the drawer fronts latch at the top with magnets and open out like doors. Nifty.

Hardwood Coffee Tables

A Hardwood coffee table is a timeless living room staple that never goes out of fashion. In 2018, the trend is toward stark contrast in wood tones (as seen in the table on the left), and geometric shaping. 

Notice the ratio in length and width, combined with square angles. These are the forms we see most often in this year’s coffee tables. 

The color contrast pictured here was achieved by enhancing the wood’s natural dark tones in specific areas while preserving the light grain in others. 

Circular Kitchen Tables

Forget picnic and country style tables for eat-in kitchens; the trend for 2018 and beyond is sleek, circular tables.

The sleeker the better this year when it comes to kitchen eating. Tabletops that highlight the natural beauty of the wood have taken the place of distressed and weathered-wood looks. 

Like this year’s coffee table styles, kitchen tables also trend to geometric shapes and golden ratios. The sleek, geometric cross of these iron bar legs maximizes stability and style. 

This table features an octagonal crossgrain stabilizer that makes it impossible for the top to ever warp — this tabletop is staying flat forever.

Round Cedar Table with Metal Legs

Head on over to our contact form to request a quote. We typically respond within a couple of hours. You can also give us a call at 6213-1425, or 6187-3637. 

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Mimi Mudd

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