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5 Must-See Bathroom Makeovers With Estimated Costs

Custom furniture made to order in Costa Rica.

Have you ever looked at before-and-after pictures on Pinterest or other sites and wondered “how much would that cost?” Well, Custom Furniture Costa Rica has the answers.

We have taken a handful of before-and-after bathroom makeover pictures from this awesome list of 20 posted on NotedList and given them our estimates. You can literally pick out one of these designs and give us a call — we can’t wait to recreate these beautiful bathrooms.

1. Rustic Wood Tile


Makeover Quote Includes:

  • wood tile wall
  • new paint
  • refinish on bathroom vanity cabinet
  • new light fixture

Our Quote: 300,000 CRC

This rustic wood tile look adds so much dimension to this small bathroom space. At less than $400, it is an affordable way to completely transform an outdated space.

2. Country Chic


Makeover Quote Includes:

  • wall panels
  • mirror
  • sink, vanity and basket
  • towel ladder
  • floor tile
  • light fixture

Our Quote: 370,000 CRC

This country chic makeover is so on point. Plus, the change in vanity opens up the space and makes the room feel bigger. With the nice big basket there is still plenty of storage.

3. Elegance With Molding


Makeover Quote Includes:

  • wall panels with molding
  • mirror
  • pedestal sink
  • toilet
  • wall paint

Our Quote: 685,000 CRC

Wall panels with a molding, often called Shadow Box, add an air of elegance to a space without spending much money. This is because they look so much more expensive than they actually are.

4. Modern Boudoir


Makeover Quote Includes:

  • wall panels with molding
  • mirror
  • floating shelves
  • backsplash, sink and countertop
  • refinish and hardware for cabinets
  • wall paint
  • floor tile

Our Quote: 380,000 CRC

Sometimes a bathroom wall can look too big. With a shadow box and some artwork this room transforms from spacious and boring to a sexy and luxurious.

5. Instant Storage


Makeover Quote Includes:

  • mirror frames
  • storage center with shelves

Our Quote: 105,000 CRC

This makeover is so incredibly simple it’s almost unbelievable. The only thing that had to be replaced was the light fixtures. The magic change comes from adding frames and a storage center to the mirror.

It is important to note that the prices listed here are just estimates and will vary based on a number of factors such as measurements, changes in the cost of materials and the availability of labor.

Mimi Mudd

Mimi Mudd

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When I was 15 I got my first job working at a marmolería. It was hard, dusty work! But I got the chance to learn many things. I fell in love with woodworking and for many years it was my dream to own my own woodworking business. I started Custom Furniture Costa Rica in 2015 and it has given me the chance to live my dream and so much more. I’m Andres Zamora, and this is my art and my passion.

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