9 Bathtub Options For Small Bathrooms

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Tico Bathroom Too Tiny For A Traditional Tub? No problem. There are several ways to add a luxury soak with half the space.

Tico Bathroom Too Tiny For A Traditional Tub?

No problem. There are several ways to add a luxury soak with half the space. From half-sized bathtubs to creative-shaped tubs and even bathtubs hidden in the floor. If what you want is a place to soak CFCR has you covered.

9. Mid-Sized Free-Standing Tub


This mid-sized bathtub might not be big enough for an adult to stretch out in but it does the job. Bigger than a half-sized tub, sometimes a mid-sized tub makes a perfect fit.

8. Hidden Full-sized Tub


Sometimes a bathroom remodel requires a little digging. This full-sized bathtub is retro-fitted into the floor and covered with a teak wood door. The tropical hardwood is water resistant enough to also function as the shower floor.

7. Side-Ways Clawfoot Tub


In this small bathroom that is shaped like a narrow hallway a side-ways clawfoot bathtub takes up less space than even a built-in shower. The ability to pull shower curtain aside helps the room feel more open.

6 & 5. Corner Tubs

These two tubs tuck neatly into a corner to save tons of space. Both offer about half the space as a full-sized bathtub. The one that is rounded out from two walls can be used for showering just like the clawfoot option in number 7.


4. Tall And Round Bathtub

What if I told you there are bathtubs that take up half the floor space of a full-sized tub but can fit two adults? These tall round tub designs offer a comfortable soak up to your shoulders while seated and have enough space for a couple to cuddle.

3, 2 & 1. Half-Sized Bath In The Shower

These adorable half-sized tubs made the top three in our list for their elegance and adaptability. These offer the simplest and most economical way to add a bathtub for most small Costa Rican bathrooms — retrofit it into the existing shower.

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