Bed With Cosleeper and Box Storage

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Custom furniture made to order in Costa Rica.

Some types and styles of furniture can be really hard to find in Costa Rica — a bed built to work with a cosleeper is definitely one of them. And because rooms here tend to be so small it is also really nice to have a bed with storage.


What is a cosleeper? Sometimes called a sidecar, it is a baby bed that is open on one side so that baby can be right up against mom and dad’s bed. The video below features my very own bedroom, where I have a custom bed with tons of storage that fits just perfectly with a cosleeper.


The beds in this video have several features:

  • custom measurements
  • a headboard with shelves
  • box storage
  • large storage baskets
  • a full-sized pillow top mattress
  • baby bed cosleeper
  • custom-sized 4″ baby bed mattress
  • custom-sized fitted sheets


Each of these are features you won’t find in just any furniture store in Costa Rica. If you would like more information about cost of anything in the video or how to order please send us a message.


In a recent remodeling post I gave five examples of what it would cost to remodel your bathroom. In the coming week I will be posting another video about beds — a wrought iron bed for a little girl’s bedroom.

Is there anything you would like to know about ordering custom furniture or remodeling in Costa Rica? Please let me know in the comments or send me a message and I will do my best to get a blog post out about it. Thanks!

Mimi Mudd

Mimi Mudd

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When I was 15 I got my first job working at a marmolería. It was hard, dusty work! But I got the chance to learn many things. I fell in love with woodworking and for many years it was my dream to own my own woodworking business. I started Custom Furniture Costa Rica in 2015 and it has given me the chance to live my dream and so much more. I’m Andres Zamora, and this is my art and my passion.

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