Light Up 2017: 5 Furniture Lighting Solutions For The New Year

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Custom furniture made to order in Costa Rica.

What is a furniture lighting solution?

To us it means a light source in a piece of furniture or installed home feature that provides light where you need it. It can be a subtle way to increase the ambient light in a room or an alternative where standing lamps or desk lamps would be impractical.

It is also just a really cool feature that makes your regular old stuff like books or wine glasses look more expensive. Here are our top 8 furniture lighting solutions for 2017:

5. Lighted Shelves


Perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, or just about anywhere stuff needs to sit and some extra light would be useful. See the way the light makes the wine glasses sparkle on those floating shelves? So classy.

4. Lighted Curio Cabinet

The perfect way to show off your stuff but also keep it clean from dust and pet hair, a lighted curio looks beautiful in the kitchen, living room, or a hallway. The corner curio is excellent for small spaces and the large curio provides plenty of space to display and store your glassware or treasures.

3. Lighted Book Shelves

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It’s just some book shelves but the addition of light makes them look a museum display. A lighted book shelf provides the gentle, ambient light of candles. Plus, it makes whatever you display on the shelves look lovelier and more important.

2. Lighted Headboards

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Do you love to read in bed? Forget having to get up to turn out the light before you fall asleep or knocking over the bedside lamp in the morning. Recessed or decorative lighting in the headboard of your bed is a practical bedroom lighting solution.

1. Lighted Closet

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How can you be expected to get ready if you can’t see your clothes? There are so many ways to do a lighted closet. Add just a couple lights where you need them; put them behind opaque doors for soft bedroom lighting, or add them to a closet/vanity/armior set for the perfect place to get dressed and put on makeup.

We can add lighting to just about any new piece of furniture or home installation. Are you looking for a lighting solution that didn’t make our list? Send us a message and we will be happy to work up a design for you. Hit that same link to get a quote on any of the items in the list above.

Also, please check out our GoFundMe campaign to build furniture for victims of Hurricane Otto. We have raised just enough to build bunk beds and closets for two little girls in Upala (look for that project video after the first of the year!). We will keep the campaign running and hopefully we can help more families refurnish their homes.

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Mimi Mudd

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