Trundle Bed Top 10 List

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The holidays are approaching and you know what that means: visitors. The first step in getting ready for guests is finding a place for them to stay. Here is a list of our top 10 trundle bed style picks.

The holidays are approaching and you know what that means: visitors. The first step in getting ready for guests is finding a place for them to stay. Here is a list of our top 10 trundle bed style picks.

If you’re like the rest of us humble folk your guests aren’t headed to the Four Seasons but staying in your home. Trundle beds are perfect for occasional and even frequent guests. They offer all the comfort of a traditional bed without taking any extra space.

10. The Triple-Decker Double Bed – ₡680,000


A name like that should probably score this bed a bit higher up on the list, but let’s be honest, a triple-decker double bed is not for everyone. It is however, perfect for stuffing as many as six adults into one room together. Get cosy, family.

9. Light and Country –



This country style bed, with or without the trundle, is one of my favorite styles. It is almost identical to a bed we designed for my mom. It is practical, affordable and timeless.

8. Whole Country



A similar style to the light and country with a solid headboard, this option is a little better at hiding the sheets.

7. Side Country –



Take that same style and turn it on its side and you’ve got a country style daybed that can be disguised as a couch plus a hidden trundle bed. Incognito daybeds are the best solution when you don’t have an extra “guest” room to put guests in.

6. The Foyer Bed(s) –



How do you make a foyer double as a guest room without using inflatable or other uncomfortable temporary solutions? Add a bed like the one above that has perfectly clean lines. Throw some huge pillows against wall and this is an every day seating place in the entry of your home.

5. Cousin’s Quarters –



Sometimes the best place for guests is right in one of our own rooms. This cute twin and trundle is a beautiful bed for all the time plus a place for cousins to sleep when they visit.

4. Modern Day –



This daybed with a trundle brings us into the modern day with decorative drawers on the front and clean lines throughout. This style is so perfect for the office it even comes with magazine racks.

3. Classic Curves –



Soft and seductive, this daybed with a curvy back is the perfect place to lounge in a sunroom, or occasionally host guests.

2. Pop-up Trundle Bench Daybed –



Bench style daybeds are so fun because they look good just about anywhere. Add a pop-up trundle and you can offer your guests the surface area of a king-size bed.

1. Trundle Trendsetter –



This modern twin trundle bed made our number one because it is the trendiest of the bunch. Enhance your home with guest beds so stylish you can’t wait for friends to come use them.

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Mimi Mudd

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