21 Wood Table Styles

21 different styles of wood tables with price quotes. Integrate tropical wood in your home.

Teak You Very Much: An Unbeatable Offer On Tropical Hardwood

Teak is the hardwood to have in Costa Rica. It is expensive, but oh boy, is it worth the money. Lucky for you we happen to have an unbeatable offer on Teak countertops and more right now. If you are considering wood for your bathroom or kitchen or are just tired of having to replace […]

Bed With Cosleeper and Box Storage

Some types and styles of furniture can be really hard to find in Costa Rica — a bed built to work with a cosleeper is definitely one of them. And because rooms here tend to be so small it is also really nice to have a bed with storage. What is a cosleeper? Sometimes called […]

5 Must-See Bathroom Makeovers With Estimated Costs

Have you ever looked at before-and-after pictures on Pinterest or other sites and wondered “how much would that cost?” Well, Custom Furniture Costa Rica has the answers. We have taken a handful of before-and-after bathroom makeover pictures from this awesome list of 20 posted on NotedList and given them our estimates. You can literally pick out […]