The Real Meaning of Noviembre Negro In Costa Rica

Hint: It Has Nothing To Do With Thanksgiving About five years ago I locked up my home in Costa Rica to go to the states. It was the first week of October and I didn’t come back for a month. When I returned in November every single surface in my home was covered in mold. Black […]

Porque Elegir Sobres De Madera Natural

Teak Bathroom Countertop

La razón por la que la gente está utilizando sobres de madera para cocinas y baños es porque se ha vuelto tendencia junto con los muebles pintados en colores lisos en lugar de mostrar la madera en sus acabados y es más económico que el granito. Una de las maderas más utilizadas en sobres por […]

5 Must-See Bathroom Makeovers With Estimated Costs

Have you ever looked at before-and-after pictures on Pinterest or other sites and wondered “how much would that cost?” Well, Custom Furniture Costa Rica has the answers. We have taken a handful of before-and-after bathroom makeover pictures from this awesome list of 20 posted on NotedList and given them our estimates. You can literally pick out […]