Fantastic Furniture Fabrics In Costa Rica

I just got back from a trip to the furniture fabric (aka upholstery fabric) distributor and I’m so inspired! Check out some of my awesome finds! Each and every one of these are fabrics we now have available for custom orders. Admittedly, I love fabric. I love sewing and I LOVE furniture. So it should […]

9 Ingeniosas Ideas Para Ahorrar Espacio En La Cocina

Aquí, como tenemos una casa tan chiquitita somos expertos en ahorrar espacio. En la cocina siempre hay demasiadas cosas para guardar. Aquí presentamos nueve ideas genio para guardar cosas, ahorrar espacio, y mantener su cocina mas ordenada. 9. Especiero Al Lado Del Refrigerador Tiene 15cm a la par de su refrigerador? Entonces tiene espacio suficiente […]

Trundle Bed Top 10 List

The holidays are approaching and you know what that means: visitors. The first step in getting ready for guests is finding a place for them to stay. Here is a list of our top 10 trundle bed style picks.

Guia Para Materiales En Ebanistería

La ebanistería es lo que se conoce como la profesión para crear muebles y mas a partir de madera y otros materiales. La madera es uno de los materiales de construcción mas antiguos. Uno de los tantos usos que se le da a la madera es la fabricación de muebles como: muebles de cocina, muebles […]

Bed With Cosleeper and Box Storage

Some types and styles of furniture can be really hard to find in Costa Rica — a bed built to work with a cosleeper is definitely one of them. And because rooms here tend to be so small it is also really nice to have a bed with storage. What is a cosleeper? Sometimes called […]

Woodworking Showcase Vol. 1

A couple weeks ago we launched a new channel on YouTube called Spanglish in Costa Rica. Our goal is to begin posting weekly videos about our projects from Custom Furniture Costa Rica, as well as videos in Spanish and English about other businesses and services in our area. Woodworking Showcase Vol. 1 This is one […]